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A world without fiction-White Wolf Pack.. Biuro Tłumaczeń Lidaria Warszawa

A world without fiction-White Wolf Pack.

Having been to the countries of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics many times, I have always encountered the kindness, courtesy and hospitality of the people there. God forbid that you should find someone at home as a guest – the host would offer whatever he had in the house, and if he didn’t have it, a quick shopping trip or borrowing something from the neighbours settled the matter. Of course, the hospitality was not over tea and salty sticks – the table was always richly set. On many occasions I have seen the indigenous people, relate with complete kindness and respect to foreigners, always the same, without any hatred, contempt or desire to kill.

However, what I saw in a film called ‘The White Wolf Pack’ from the non-fiction series ‘World Without Fiction’ appalled me, especially one opinion: ‘Russia is now the country with the largest number of neo-fascists’. The scenes shown of assaults, murders carried out on citizens of other countries were so shocking that I began to wonder about the sense of certain institutions of Russian power that allow such acts of violence, rape and hatred, and do not react to what is happening in the country, especially in Moscow. How can# one explain# what is currently happening? How #do# the people of Moscow, or of other areas of Russia, explain# the situation?

After such a film, which probably had broadcasts in other countries, how will anyone go on a trip, for example to Moscow? The statements of students from Moscow’s Peoples’ Friendship University, who came to Russia to gain knowledge, to learn about another culture, language – were appalling.

Why did people opposed to the development of such a situation in Russia appear before the cameras with their faces covered? If anyone watched the film, I hope they got similar impressions as I did.


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