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An interesting documentary about life in Siberia.. Biuro Tłumaczeń Lidaria Warszawa

An interesting documentary about life in Siberia.

Not long ago I watched an interesting documentary about the lives of the inhabitants of the Siberian taiga, who, far from civilisation, without modern technology, electricity, gas, live in conditions, quite extreme. Where the temperature exceeds -50 degrees Celsius in winter, literally everything freezes.

And for most of the year, they eat fish, caught in the nearby river. Siberian nature, untainted by civilisation, is truly beautiful and captivating. It is just a pity that Siberia is so far from Poland and the train ride is quite long. I listened with interest to the stories of the indigenous people about their lives, their ways of surviving in such conditions and their previous work. Many of them worked during the Soviet era in kolkhozes (колхоз). The word is an abbreviation for : “коллективное хозяйство”.

Particularly in communist times, Soviet propaganda created an image of very happy people working in kolkhozes. What surprised me in this case, listening to the Russian language, was that this was translated into the term ‘communal farm’. I have never encountered such a translation from Russian until now, as the name kolkhoz was adopted in Polish, and so the name ‘kolkhoz’ simply remained. Knowing Russian, it is useful to watch various films and listen to the translation from Russian into Polish.


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