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Brother 2 - worth a look.. Biuro Tłumaczeń Lidaria Warszawa

Brother 2 – worth a look.

Recently, we had the pleasure of watching once again one of the cult films of Russian production – ‘Brother 2’ (a continuation of the first part of the film ‘Brother’, which won many awards and recognition from international audiences). This time, the main character – Danil Bagirov (played perfectly by Sergei Bodrov), leaves Russia for the USA to seek justice there, with practically no means of livelihood, and recover the money of a Russian hockey player who, due to his ignorance of the English language and an improperly signed contract, did not receive the money, and it ended up in the hands of an American millionaire. As in the first part, it features Danil Bagrov’s cinematic brother Viktor, an unfulfilled militiaman who messes around in the US with the Chicago-based Ukrainian mafia, who, on the orders of a Russian principal, pursues Danil and Viktor. The film also features Russian singer Irina Saltykova, with whom Danila Bagirov gets into an affair. The film Brother 2 is known to a wide audience not only in Russia and the CIS countries, but also in Europe and the USA. Watching films like ‘Brother’, ‘Brother 2’, or ‘Bumer’ and ‘Bumer 2’ translated from Russian to Polish even on their own in the original language is a pleasure in itself. And then there is the excellent film music. A film worth watching!


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