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Curiosities of Russian television. Biuro Tłumaczeń Lidaria Warszawa

Curiosities of Russian television

A series called ‘Battle of the Extrasensors’ has become hugely popular on Russian television. The series has become so popular because of the themes it deals with and the people who appear in it who have, one might say, paranormal abilities. Of course, each series (season), as it is called, begins with a casting call, during which a group of people is selected who can best solve the task set before them.

For this programme, people come from different corners of not only Russia, but also other European countries. In subsequent episodes, the selected group is confronted with various puzzles, such as explaining a mysterious death, the disappearance of people or objects, or unravelling the history of the place where these people found themselves. Each participant in this Russian programme solves the task at hand in his or her own way, using his or her abilities.

At the end of each episode, the committee selects both the best ‘extras’ and the weakest person, who must leave the programme. The programme is very interesting, engaging and with each successive episode the viewer awaits the final identification of the winner. It is difficult to explain how people with such abilities solve tasks that an ordinary person would not solve in any way.


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