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Departure by car to Belarus.. Biuro Tłumaczeń Lidaria Warszawa

Departure by car to Belarus.

Previously, we wrote about basic information on the first steps for those travelling to Belarus for the first time. For some time now, especially for motorised tourists, there has been another thing to bear in mind – the toll road system, the so-called “BelToll System”, has been introduced. It replaced the previous so-called “toll stations”.
Having read all the information on the website www.beltoll.by (information in Polish, English and Russian), I suggest that you read the information on this website several times before you leave. In addition, we suggest that you read carefully the instruction manual of the device, which we must – when driving on a toll road – attach to your car. Of course, in order to receive the device, we need to sign a contract, pay a deposit for the device (the amount of the deposit depends on the vehicle – 20 or 50 euro), pay the expected cost of the route – it is best to pay more than the toll calculator on the website of the system indicates. And what is very important – when signing the contract, you should check all your data entered in the contract, there must not be any mistake, because it may turn out that due to a so-called “typo” you will pay for a non-existent car. If you don’t check this, you will have to explain yourself for a very long time that the mistakes are not your fault.
And once we have dealt with all the paperwork for this system, there is nothing left to do but to go on our way.


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