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Easter customs. Biuro Tłumaczeń Lidaria Warszawa

Easter customs

The current weather is more reminiscent of winter than spring, but even so, we are all preparing to celebrate Easter, which marks the end of the 40-day fast. Easter is ahead of us – the oldest and most important Christian festival, characterised for centuries by many customs. On Holy Saturday, we all go to the blessing of the food, which we then eat at the Easter breakfast.

Although this custom, known as ‘Święconka’, is a pagan custom, it has been adopted by the Church. The foods we put in the basket are mainly bread, salt, sausage, eggs and horseradish. Another custom this Christmas is the painting of Easter eggs, which, when done by many people, are a real work of art – colourful, colourful and very interesting. In my opinion, they come out best when the eggs are cooked in onion skins – an ancient custom of the natural way to prepare an Easter egg.

Another Easter tradition is Resurrection Sunday. On this day, we make our wishes by sharing a consecrated egg. And, of course, there must be news of Lazy Monday, or Smigus Dyngus. On this day, once only virgins were doused, nowadays everyone is doused, even strangers, which is not always a nice thing to do, especially in the current, so to speak, weather. The most important thing, however, is to spend this holiday with the family.


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