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English-Russian translator Warsaw

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Where speed, reliability and competitive pricing count, that’s where the English-Russian translator Warsaw comes in. Many people are unaware of the fact that they may need English-Russian translations in the future. Meanwhile, such cases can be mentioned endlessly, especially if you are in the trade, fuel industry or simply importing or exporting something around the world. If you need a Сi English-Russian translator Warsaw in the future, remember that you will find one at LIDARIA Translation Agency.

What does the English-Russian translator Warsaw translate?

What kind of documents can we translate for you? There are many of them. These include documents requiring sworn translations as well as ordinary translations. Commercial offers, business contracts, employment contracts, letters, explanations, brochures, books, specifications, user manuals and many, many more. Our many years of experience and excellent knowledge of both languages place us among the most preferred translation agencies in Warsaw. Another big advantage of working with us is our location. Despite the fact that we are able to handle most of your orders remotely, the English-Russian translator in Warsaw may need to meet you. If this is the case, you can easily reach us and you don’t have to worry about getting there – our office is located in the very centre of Warsaw, next to the “Świętokrzyska” metro station.

English-Russian translator Warsaw and his/her price list

What arouses the greatest interest among clients and what concerns cooperation with our interpreter is the price list of services. It is natural that everyone wants to know how much their translation will cost. We understand this, which is why we have prepared a clear and unambiguous price list. It is divided into sworn translations and ordinary translations, as well as those carried out at standard or express speed. As a rule, translations are priced per page – one page is 1600 characters with spaces (1125 characters with spaces in the case of sworn translations). In the case of non-standard translations, their pricing is prepared individually – in order to find out the price for your translation, send us a scan or a photo of it and the English-Russian translator from our LIDARIA translation agency will prepare a quote.


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