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From real life.. Biuro Tłumaczeń Lidaria Warszawa

From real life.

Virtually most of us remember the communist era as a time when the shelves were empty and you had to stand in huge queues for each product, or – they were on ration cards. However, in retrospect, that period and the people were very different to the present.

People were not as busy as they are now, more attention was paid to their children, to their upbringing and, despite the fact that there were no computers, satellite TV and other attractions then, I believe that when it came to interpersonal contacts, life was better.

Neighbour was not a wolf to neighbour, you borrowed sugar, flour or other products, you invited neighbours round, and people shared what they had at home, even though life was more modest than it is now. In the past, riding on public transport, it was unthinkable for a young person not to give way to an elderly person, or simply for a man not to give way to a woman.

It was only natural that a seat should be given to those who should be sitting and not standing, as is the case nowadays. Where you don’t look, it is now the norm among the young that a seat should be given to them and the elderly can stand, never mind that these people are tired, out of strength or feeling unwell. Let’s draw attention to this behaviour, let’s teach the young that life is not only about taking but also about giving, that other people must be respected, because this young person today will one day also be an elderly person, will be tired, and will not even be able to sit down.


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