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How important it is to know foreign languages.

It is 20 February 2015 today. Our translation office is located in the centre of Warsaw, near the “Świętokrzyska” metro station. Many of our clients praise this location, as getting to us is very easy and fast. Today’s beautiful sunny weather inspires us to plan specific trips during the holiday season.

Some people plan trips to Poland – to the mountains or the seaside, while others look for attractive trips abroad. However, it should be remembered that it is important for each of us to know a foreign language, at least to a communicative degree. The most popular is, of course, English, but in some parts of Europe, where we go most often, we can communicate in German, French and Italian.

However, if we are planning to travel to the former Soviet Union countries, such as Russia, we must be prepared that knowledge of Russian is rather more advisable . Russian is known even in countries where it is not the official language.


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