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Interpreting a recipe for fawn according to its own composition.. Biuro Tłumaczeń Lidaria Warszawa

Interpreting a recipe for fawn according to its own composition.

Basic information for gourmets of Russian cuisine. A practical and highly praised vessel in which most Russian dishes can be prepared is the “гусятница” or what I have often heardжаровня” – literally translated as “brytfanna”. The dish is not available on the Polish market, and on the “Eastern” market, after a long search, I found it in one shop (I was looking in a city the size of our Warsaw).

The first dish will be “плов” (read “płow”), the most reasonable translation is “rice with meat” because of the basic ingredients, you can find even 129 recipes for this dish where rice does not have to be the main ingredient. It is believed that ‘plov‘ is a dish of Uzbek cuisine, but as I mentioned before, the number of recipes for this simple yet delicious dish is quite large.

Here, despite the existing, as I mentioned earlier, recipes for a very popular meal, I will present my, I think, successful recipe. The basic ingredients include:

1 kg of meat (either beef, pork or mutton);

4-5 sachets of rice;

2-3 onions;

1 large carrot;

a small red pepper;

a clove of garlic;

marjoram, bay leaf, pepper, salt, gyros seasoning and seasoning for stewed meat (in place of the recommended seasoning for fawn – ‘zyra’, which I could not find in Poland).

Method of preparation: pour oil into the bottom of the roasting tin, heat up, then put the finely chopped meat into the tin. Pour water over the meat. Simmer for up to 1 hour. Towards the end of the braising of the meat, add grated carrots, garlic clove, finely chopped peppers and onions and season with marjoram, bay leaf, ‘gyros’ and ‘stew meat’ seasoning, season gently with salt. Note: the meat must be simmering all the time.

At the same time, cook the rice in another pot. Once the rice is cooked, pour it into the baking tray with the meat. Mix the meat with the rice, seasoning if necessary.



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