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Labour Day.. Biuro Tłumaczeń Lidaria Warszawa

Labour Day.

The end of April is approaching. Tomorrow, i.e. the first day of May, is the well-known and internationally celebrated International Labour Day. Just two days later, on 3 May, is Constitution Day. This period is the long May weekend, also known as May Day.

1 May is celebrated as International Labour Day. It was introduced in 1889 by an international association of socialist parties and organisations, called the Second International, to commemorate the 1886 workers’ strike in Chicago. They were protesting against inadequate working conditions, low wages and the twelve-hour working day. They demanded that the working day be shortened by four hours. The first celebration of the holiday took place on 1 May 1890. In Europe, Labour Day is celebrated on 1 May. Its counterpart, the so-called Labour Day is celebrated in North America on the first Monday in September, and in Australia the day falls on different days, depending on the state.

In Poland, Labour Day was celebrated as early as 1890, often against the will of the partitioners. There were many clashes with the army or police during mass demonstrations. It was only a few years after the Second World War, in 1950, that Labour Day became a public holiday. During the communist era, it was one of the most important national holidays. It was called the Working Class Holiday. Many marches and demonstrations were organised then. Many people took part in them, as it was compulsory to attend these celebrations. Although Labour Day lost its importance after the collapse of the previous regime, various celebrations are still organised today. Today, 1 May is a public holiday.


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