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Office romance.. Biuro Tłumaczeń Lidaria Warszawa

Office romance.

There are many films directed by Eldar Ryazanov that can be watched again and again – this time I will describe a film titled: “Служебный роман” – translated from Russian into Polish as “Office Romance”. Starring wonderful Russian actors Andrei Myagkov (as Anatoly Novoseltsev), Alisa Frejndlich (as Lyudmila Kalugina) and Oleg Basilashvili (as Yuri Samochvalov). The film tells the story of love, of life in the officials at the Statistical Office, of their daily problems. Anatoly Novoseltsev – a father of two sons – does his job diligently, but his boss – the strict Lyudmila Kalugina – does not see him as her deputy. A schoolmate – Yuri Samochvalov persuades Novoseltsev to start hitting on the boss. At the very beginning – Lyudmila, an unfashionably dressed, extremely principled woman, finally reveals her other face to Anatoly – a sensitive, delicate, lonely and unhappy woman, for whom the only goal is to work from dawn to dusk. At first a joke, it then turns into true love. However, Yuri Samokhvalov’s actions lead to Lyudmila Kalugina finding out about Novoseltsov’s original intentions, and in order to take revenge – she appoints him as her deputy, but he, rejects the promotion and resigns from his job. The film ends happily – lovers Lyudmila Kalugina and Anatoly Novoseltsev reconcile, despite the malicious actions of Samochvalov.


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