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Russian translations in Warsaw Yoadqb V K

Russian translations in Warsaw

Once again, as russian language interpreter, I was tempted to watch another cult film of Soviet production – a film directed by Rolan Bykov entitled “Чу́чело” – which should be translated as “The Haunting”. Kristina Orbakaite (Alla Pugachova’s daughter) and Yuri Nikulin – in my opinion one of the best actors of Soviet cinema – starred in the main role (for the first time on screens).

The film The Haunting depicts the fate of a sixth-grade student at a provincial school who, taking on someone else’s guilt, was ‘boycotted’ by the class she had just started attending. The pupils began to bully the girl, there was more and more aggression in their behaviour. She was a traitor to them, because of her they did not go on the long-awaited trip to Moscow. And the main character, who was nicknamed ‘The Haunting’, believed that the person she had fallen in love with and whose guilt she took upon herself would eventually confess.

However, life turned out to be different and brutal – this person turned out to be a coward until the last moment of the film. The pupils of this class not only bullied the girl, Lena, but also made fun of her grandfather, who collected paintings of many people in his old wooden house (the role of the grandfather was played by Yuri Nikulin and was his last role in a feature film). The film, which was produced in 1983 – during the Soviet era – for the first time showed Soviet youths, full of hatred, aggression towards others. These were not, according to Soviet propaganda, pioneers, komsomolts, living in the spirit of Lenin, eternally smiling and content with life – these were the world’s most ordinary youth. The film was awarded at a film festival in France and won the USSR Prize in 1986.

I will not tell the ending of the film – watch it and judge for yourself how you would have acted in Lena’s place.


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