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Russian translator translates a large number of texts – on the one hand, these are all kinds of instruction manuals, descriptions of technological processes, on the other hand, it is business correspondence, contracts, marketing texts or product descriptions for a website.

One of my favourite areas as a Russian translator, however, is film translation. As an admirer of Russian and Soviet films and having had the opportunity to translate them and compare them with translations made for other cinephiles, I recently had the opportunity to watch an excellent Russian film called ‘Metro’. It was the first time I had seen such a well-crafted Russian disaster film, in which the action takes place in the tunnel of the Moscow metro.

In it, the concrete structure of the tunnel breaks and floods with water. People become trapped in the carriages and the only rescue is to get out of these carriages and reach the nearest metro station. The problem is that the power supply in the tunnel is not immediately disconnected. Many people die, electrocuted. Many people also die as a result of the derailment of the underground carriages. The film is constantly suspenseful, interweaving elements of romance for the main character Iryna (Svetlana Khodchenkova – already known in Poland from the film Little Moscow), we see a paralysed and congested Moscow, in which the best and fastest means of transport is the metro. Its temporary closure causes very great inconvenience for the inhabitants of the Russian capital.

It is because of these impediments to movement on the city’s streets that two men find themselves in the same metro carriage. One is Andrei Garin, a Moscow surgeon and husband of Iryna (Svetlana Khodchenkova), the other is Iryna’s lover Konstantinov. A group of top rescuers sets out to rescue those left in the tunnel of the flooded metro.

Will they manage to save a handful of people, what will happen in the last minutes of this film? You will find the answers to these questions by watching this film, to which I cordially invite you. It really is worth it!


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