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tłumacz rosyjskiego,tłumaczenia z rosyjskiego,tłumacz przysięgły rosyjskiego w Warszawie

Russian translator’s hobby.

Among the favourite activities, apart from translating various texts and documents from Russian, is watching a Russian TV series, the title of which, literally translated from Russian into Polish, is ‘Battle of Extrasens’.

Those who are fluent in Russian know perfectly well what this series is about, whose popularity in Russian-speaking countries grows from season to season. The most recently watched and commented on is season 16, which actually features people with strong paranormal abilities, for example, contacting ghosts and seeing things that others cannot see.

Such an extrasensible person can tell, for example, the story of someone’s life, or possibly tell what exactly happened in a certain place, having an object of such a person, a photo or looking at such a person. The tasks they face would be impossible for any of us to solve. And they – using their abilities, guess many things and can do many things. In one such season, a girl told us that it even got to the point where they stopped letting her into casinos. In addition to this series, there are many other interesting programmes on Russian television, which I recommend for those people who know Russian. It is really worth knowing Russian.



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