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Something for the male eye.

Something for the male eye.

At this point I would like to invite you to watch a wonderful (in my opinion) film of Russian production – “Бумер”(can be #translated# as “Beemka”). Admittedly, I watched this film twice on TVP, where the title if I am not mistaken was: the first time: “Boomer” and the second broadcast of the same film was called “Beemka”. Let each of you translate the original name as you wish. The film was the debut of director Peter Buslov. It won many awards, and one of the film’s many strengths is its music, which became a hit with the younger generation after the broadcast of ‘Бумер’ in the CIS countries.

The plot of the film begins in Moscow, in the late 1990s of the twentieth century. The film tells the adventures of four friends, Kostya, Dima, Lyocha and Petya, who keep getting into more and more trouble. They have problems not only with the Russian militia, who obviously do not act according to the law, but also with the omnipresent bandits. The scenes depicted realistically reflect the picture of life in Russia at the time with its corrupt officials and bandit groups reigning at every turn. The film ends tragically, and in my opinion the tragedy of this film lies not only in the dramatic fate of the four friends. Dramatic is the fate of the titular BMW car, one could say a faithful friend of the film’s protagonists from the very beginning, right up to the final scene – the abandonment of the beloved ‘Beemka’ with its engine running, waiting all the time for the plot to develop. A film really worth watching.
I also invite you to watch the second part of the film: “Boomer 2”, which was released in 2006.


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