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Something for the male palate.. Biuro Tłumaczeń Lidaria Warszawa

Something for the male palate.

If you are ever in the Commonwealth of Independent States (#translation# from the original: Содружество Независимых Государств), go to any bazaar and look for dried fish (сушенная рыба). Do not buy it in shops or supermarkets. I suggest that the best place to buy such a snack to go with beer is in bazaars, instead of crisps and nuts which are available at every step. Admittedly, the snack is for the persistent, as in order to eat it, you have to tear off the head and remove the scales, but the end result for our palate is simply wonderful.

It is a pity that in Poland, despite the large number of anglers, such an appetizer is not practiced and you cannot buy such a fish.
Приятного аппетита!!! (#translate#: Tasty!!!)


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