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Spring is finally here. Koy Flccy S

Spring is finally here.

After six months of winter, the signs of spring have finally arrived: the temperature is rising, the sun is shining in the sky, the snow is melting and the weather forecasts presented in the IT services are optimistic. What does this mean for ordinary “bread eaters”? Obviously, goodbye to the hated jackets, hats, scarves, boots, etc. A thorough tidying up of wardrobes, opening the windows wide so that the fresh spring air can finally reach every nook and cranny of our homes and flats. And at this point we wonder what’s next – most of us, nailed down and discouraged by the weather so far, have not left our homes, well, except out of necessity for work or the shops.

Admittedly, some, heedless of the weather, were taking part in sports such as running, swimming and going to the gym. But what can the rest of us say? Nothing. It’s time to get down to work hard – and at this point, of course, the search on the internet for super diets, dietary supplements of all kinds begins. All this in order to reach the ideal weight, figure, reduce the so-called “beer belly muscles” in the shortest possible time. However, nothing can replace movement, let’s start with the simplest long walks with the family, let’s take out (or buy) a bicycle, let’s plan interesting excursions in the neighbourhood, let’s even ask friends to be happier and more cheerful in a group. Let’s start doing this systematically, I know the beginnings can be tough, but once we set ourselves a specific goal, I believe we will achieve that goal. Let’s not sit in front of the TV, let’s go to the allotment, to the park, to the river.

Let’s also think about our menu, maybe we should seek advice from a specialist in this area, because maybe our meals are not appropriate and something should be changed? And let’s not forget – don’t avoid exercise. Exercise is good for you:)


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