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The longed-for seaside holiday.. Biuro Tłumaczeń Lidaria Warszawa

The longed-for seaside holiday.

We are finally going on the longed-for holiday. Anticipated for a whole year. Dreaming that we are finally going on a well-deserved holiday…
But we collide with a brutal reality. Congested roads. When we arrive, it turns out that the accommodation is not what it should be. To the sea – not 100 or 200 metres, but 500 or even 700. But we suffer on. The thought of great weather, warmed sand is stronger and we head for the beach. And there again, disappointment – crowds, no way to cross and no way to get to the longed-for sea.
Finally, after much searching – we succeeded and found a spot, our piece of beach. Children already splashing in the water, nice weather….
And again, no rest. Next door, a group of angry young people, smoking cigarettes and drinking beer, disturb my wonderful peace. Instead of rest and relaxation – I listen to the loud conversation of the youths. Instead of sea breeze and fresh air – stinking cigarette smoke.
How can one explain to such people that they are not alone, that others would also like to relax?
How can you explain that not everyone likes the stench of cigarettes, the sight of alcohol-drinking people throwing their cigarettes on the beautiful Polish sand?
After a few moments, one begins to dream of returning home, or of a place where one can rest, relax and feel that one is on a real holiday.


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