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Translation of a gem of Soviet cinema - Bitter Romance

Translation of a gem of Soviet cinema – Bitter Romance

This time we can describe another successful 1984 film directed by Eldar Ryazanov under the title: “Жестокий романс” – translated from Russian into Polish as “Bitter Romance”. Starring: Larisa Guzieyeva (as Larisa Ogudalova), Alisa Frejndlich (as Kharita Ogudalova) and Nikita Mikhalkov (as the rich Sergei Paratov). The film is about love, and about life in a small Russian town on the Volga River at the end of the 19th century. Charita Ogudalova, who belongs to the middle class in order to give away her three daughters, runs an open house, thus looking for wealthy husbands. She manages to give away two of her daughters, and the last, the youngest, falls in love with the wealthy Sergei Paratov, who at one point disappears from the town, leaving no message. Larisa Ogudalova, unable to wait for her beloved’s return, finally accepts the proposal of the young, rather unrich official, Karandyshev. To her despair, on this day her beloved – Sergei Paratov – returns to town, who gets Larisa’s fiancé drunk and, with a group of his friends and Larisa, they flee to the ship “Lastochka” – translated from Russian into Polish to mean “Swallow”. A banquet is organised on the ship, after which Larisa goes with Sergei to his cabin, and after an intoxicating night, she learns that she has been taken advantage of by him, and that Sergei will not marry her because he is already married. The film ends tragically – Larisa’s fiancé arrives on the ship by boat and, in an alcoholic frenzy, kills Larisa with a pistol.


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