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Useful information for travellers going to Belarus.. Biuro Tłumaczeń Lidaria Warszawa

Useful information for travellers going to Belarus.

Useful information for those travelling to Belarus. I recommend going to the official website of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus to get the necessary information on the visa needed to enter the Republic of Belarus. You will need to be fluent in Russian (or possibly Belarusian) to check, for example, the website of the President or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or you can use the services of a specialised translation agency , Lidaria. In what follows, I would like to introduce you to a page that you can easily find by typing (or copying) into Google the phrase: “Варшавский мост, онлайн видео очереди (Выезд из Республики Беларусь).” The phrase can be translated as: “Warsaw Bridge . Online queues (exit from the Republic of Belarus).

Of course, all the information is in Russian, but I don’t see any problem with Lidaria Translation Agency translating this page. Personally, I myself often, out of purely human curiosity, look here, and this is for a simple reason – you can check the queues “on line”, from the Belarusian site. I recommend looking at the border preview tab on a Friday evening. Queues sometimes look like they used to in Soviet times, well, maybe almost, because in the past it was even three to four days of queuing.


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