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Specialist translations Warsaw

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We know all about translations. To put it immodestly, we have eaten dozens of keyboards on them. One service that may be of particular interest to you is specialist translations in Warsaw. What is it, when and who should use our services?

What are specialist translations Warsaw?

The term specialised translation is reserved for translations whose performance requires extensive knowledge in a narrow field. These may include, for example, translations of instructions of devices and machines, laboratory tests, scientific studies, designs, machine drawings and other documents, the content of which exceeds general and common knowledge. Specialist translations may be needed by many individuals and companies. Starting with branches of multinational corporations that want to establish themselves in new markets and need to submit the necessary documents and analyses before this can happen. We translate them from a foreign language into Polish and, of course, from Polish into a foreign language, regardless of their subject matter and issues.

Who orders specialist translations from us?

Clients of our LIDARIA Translation Agency include private individuals, scientists, politicians and doctors, as well as small and large companies of all kinds, including foreign companies. No matter who the ordering party is, we treat every order with the same great respect, committing ourselves to it 100%. If necessary, specialists in the relevant field who work with us are involved in the preparation of specialist translations. Their knowledge helps us to produce the translations even more accurately and carefully, so that you are fully satisfied with them. If you have not yet found a translator or translation agency that would undertake the translation of specialised documents, please contact our translation agency. We can help you faster than you think! We are at your disposal in Warsaw, but please remember that you can also order specialist translations via the Internet, regardless of where you happen to be staying, living or working. Flexible forms of cooperation with our clients allow us to process any order quickly and efficiently.

If you would like to find out the cost of a specialist translation, please send your text to lidaria@lidaria or use the quotation form available on our website https://lidaria.pl/zamowieniewycena/


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