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Sworn translator Warsaw. Low rates and short deadlines

LIDARIA Translation Agency offers low rates and short deadlines for certified translations.

We provide sworn translations from a wide range of languages, not only from the basic ones, such as from and into English, German, French or Russian. We also provide sworn translations from languages such as Czech, Danish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Ukrainian, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Hebrew.

Our sworn translators translate a wide range of documents, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, school and high school diplomas, university diplomas, diploma supplements, notarial deeds, KRSs, company statutes, court documents, powers of attorney, and many other documents, depending on the needs of our clients.

Sworn translators of LIDARIA Translation Agency also participate in many interpreting assignments, which take place, for example, in Notary Offices, or take part in business meetings.If you are interested in our agency’s offer for a sworn translation of the documents you hold, just send a scan of the document to our email address lidaria@lidaria.pl or use the form for a quote, which can be found at this address.

You are also welcome to visit our office, located in the very centre of Warsaw at Świętokrzyska underground station.


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